Alan S. Gordon

Board-Certified Immigration Attorney | Managing Partner

Alan S. Gordon, Esq.


In 1983, Alan Gordon founded Alan Gordon Immigration Law in Charlotte, North Carolina, the first law firm in the Carolinas to focus specifically on immigration law issues. Over the course of last three decades, our firm has established itself by taking on and achieving success in difficult cases. This includes a successful challenge of the Immigration Marriage Fraud Act that resulted in major change to family immigration law in the United States. As the Founding Chairperson of the Committee for Certification of Immigration Law as a Specialty in North Carolina, Mr. Gordon played a pivotal role in the establishment of the guidelines used to test and certify immigration attorneys in the state.

In 2006, Mr. Gordon was selected to serve as Chairman of the Mayors' Immigration Study Commission, which researched policies, gathered data and analyzed the impact of legal and illegal immigration on the region's economy, public safety, health care and education systems. Under Mr. Gordon's Chairmanship, the Commission made 22 formal policy recommendations to the Charlotte City Council, the County Commission, as well as state and federal officials. Mr. Gordon continues to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that reflects our heritage, reinforces our foundation as a nation of laws and supports our global economic goals.  Contact Us


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